The Contact Application that ships with most Symbian smartphones has always been a bit lame.

At the basic level, all you need is the ability to search for your contact, and (video-)call / sms / MMS that person.  If that contact is not already stored in your contact list, you can just enter a new number and optionally save it along with other details. The onboard Contact Application allows you do that, and nothing more.

A number of applications have been written to address lots of lapses.
We had SkyeQuiKey, iDialler, T9Nav – among numerous others.

The basic Contact Application fails to (properly) address the following scenarios – among others:

Supposing …

0) you can get a list of your recent calls automatically (along with the call date, call duration)
1) you cannot remember the correct spelling of the contact you are looking for
2) you are not sure of the exactly sequence of the number you want to dial
2) you wan to know the last time you spoke with a particular contact
3) you want to access all the sms messages you ever sent to a particular contact (threaded conversation)
4) you want to know all numbers starting with a particular sequence of digits (what are my ‘0809-‘ numbers?)
5) I want to religiously get prompted to backup my contacts list to the cloud
6) I need to record my telephone conversation
7) I want to reduce my exposure to phone radiation by having my phone vibrate once an out-bound call connects instead of sticking it to your ears all through.
8) I want my sms to autodisplay on my screen once it comes in (Flash SMS)

Now, supposing…
Stop supposing!

Enter Youlu Address Book application. An awesome program with a totally forgettable name.

But I bet you, once you use it, you will neve EVER forget it. It combines the functions of SEVERAL standalone applications!

This application is totally and tightly integrated with the phone’s address book. It can do ALL you can do with your onboard contacts manager – only better. And more.

I shall not bother to do a proper review. There are several excellent reviews of this application available on the net. As with  so many outstanding programs like this, you get to appreciate it the more you use it. I urge you to give this programme a try.

A major reason why I also highly recommend this application is because of the constant updates made to it. You can set it to automatically check forex available updates periodically. It just keeps getting progressively better.

It is available on the Symbian, Android and IOS (iPhone) platform.

And best of all, it is free !

The latest version (as I write this) is Version 1.18. Very few applications hardly ever get everything just right. But Youlu comes quite close! If I am asked how this application can be improved upon, I will be hard pressed to find any. It is THAT GOOD and comprehensive. However, it can be made even more useful by expanding its scope and allowing it to also index installed applications and the file system (the way T9Nav does). That will be something to see!

Examine it, use it, fall in love with it. Download the version appropriate for your phone from


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