“Diary of a Geek” is a blog aimed at showcasing technology news as it affects Nigerians, locally and in diaspora.

We are inviting guest bloggers to write for Diary of a Geek and earn N500 for each article published on the blog.

The following should act as a guideline for every article sent in:



However, the fact that you have written a post and submitted it to us does not obligate us to publish it. The only guest posts that will be published are those that, in our judgment, will add value to our readers.

Kindly indicate your interest in the comments section below or send a confidential mail to the Editor via the contact form

15 Responses

  1. Nice one. That’s the way to go. Remuneration for guest writers.

    However, you may also consider full time post writers for your blog.

    All the best, mate. When I donate an article to you blog however, I’d do it pro bono. 😀

  2. I can try if topics are provided, i have done that for somebody before pls u can reach me so that we can talk

  3. Hello,
    we would like to send you a mail.

    We can’t seem to have access to your contact form. Kindly get back to us. Thanks

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