Who is afraid of Linux?

Imagine switching on your laptop in the midst of your friends and UBUNTU boots up, it confers an immediate geekiness status on you. What can be more cool?! You can even use it to score a point or two with dem babes. Some fantasy ehn?

The first time I tried my hands on Linux was way back in the late 1990’s and it was not a pleasant experience,can’t even remember the name of the Linux distribution i tried. One major contributor to this negative experience was the fact that there was no Graphical User Interface (GUI) to explore with like you have with Microsoft Windows, it utilised a text mode interface,called Command Line Interface (CLI). Those familiar with MSDOS or GWBASIC (my,my,my) would understand.

Linux is FREE and it is instrumental to the rise and increasing relevance of the OPEN SOURCE community, the source code or programme is available to anyone to use and modify without restriction giving rise to the about 500 variants or better put, distributions, of Linux we have in circulation today. All you need is fast internet service to download files that can range from about 50MB to over 4GB.

Linux has evolved so much over the years but the CLI is still as boring and difficult as it looks but you really do not have to use it. A lot of people don’t even realize that the almighty and all popular Windows has its own Command Line Interface too and which is equally boring but you don’t have to use it. However, i must mention that the CLI is regarded as being more powerful and efficient than the graphical interface.

For ease of use and easy transition from Windows, three distributions of Linux are usually recommended; Ubuntu, Mandriva and Linux Mint. My personal recommendation is Linux Mint because its development is based on Ubuntu, which is about the most popular distribution, and it has full support for video and music files straight out of the box, which is lacking in Ubuntu. Also, it is about the most user friendly.

With this distribution, you can achieve all you do on your Microsoft Windows system and probably much more.

For those who are ready to test the waters, we are offering FREE LINUX MINT 9, MANDRIVA 2010.1 or UBUNTU 10.04 DVDs to the first 5 (FIVE) people that signify their interest through the comment box. We are also offering additional 5 (FIVE) DVDs to the first 5 GEEKS who are interested in any of the following not-for-the-faint-hearted distributions; UBUNTU 10.04 SERVER EDITION, OPEN SOLARIS 2009.06, SUSE LINUX ENTERPRISE SERVER 11.

Postage is restricted to NIPOST mail boxes within Nigeria and it is free. Alternatively, we can agree at a collection point for those that live within our Lekki-Ajah axis office in Lagos.


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