This is a continuation of our series on virtualization. Read part 3 if you have not.

This series would address installation of Ubuntu as a Guest OS in a Windows PC Host. Follow the steps as shown below and you won’t go wrong. It is very easy.


Launch the virtualbox program from your desktop or Start Menu.

Ensure that Ubuntu 10.04 is highlighted within the virtualbox, then click on START.


A second screen will pop up. Ensure that the Linux CD/DVD is in the drive, otherwise an error message will be displayed.


The CD will boot up to this screen. Keep this screen in the foreground, then click ENTER.

Click the cursor of you mouse into the virtual screen

Click CAPTURE on the pop-up screen.

Ensure the the first option “Try Ubuntu without installing” is highlighted. Press ENTER

Ensure ENGLISH is highlighted as the language of installation. You have an option to either “Try Ubuntu 10.04” or “Install Ubuntu 10.04”. Let’s do it, Click Install!

Click the left drop-down menu, scroll up and select NIGERIA. In the following screens, leave the default options, just click FORWARD.

Fill in the required details. REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD!

The stage is set. Click INSTALL.

Now is the best time to grab a cup of tea or something, you’ve got about 25 minutes to kill.

Remove the CD from the Drive and click RESTART to restart the Virtual PC.

Click on your name on the login screen and input your password. Remember?

OPEN SESAME! Ladies and Gentlemen, Ubuntu 10.04!

There, you have your Ubuntu! Congratulations if you got this far.

The final part of this series will address getting the Ubuntu virtual PC to be able to display at full screen. We would also have a brief tour of the basic operations of Virtualbox and Ubuntu.

Comments and contributions Welcomed!


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