Vanity, My Favourite Sin

I have watched The Devil’s Advocate a number of times and in my estimation, i think it is probably one of Al Pacino’s best outing so far. As the movie ended, the Devil, played by Al Pacino, stated, “Vanity is my favorite sin.” The wicked smile and stare rang true because most of us know that vanity and ego can corrupt us all. Human frailties can easily be seen in others. Although, when we look inward, vanity can be difficult to expose.

Vanity, that word aptly describes the new craze in Nigeria for latest gadgets, notwithstanding that most of us can barely afford the least of them. For most, the need to convey the impression that we are bigger than we actually are or that “my phone is better than yours” is deeply embedded in our psyche.

Vanity, plain vanity.

Well, for me, I am just a gadget addict, plain and simple. I freely confess to that. I like gadgets of all kinds, even when i know i have very little need for them.The need to continually keep pace with technological innovations keeps me going most times. Is this also vanity? Does this also fall within human weakness that the Devil was referring to?

I buy many of these devices thinking that it will make my life better and meet all of my needs. I try as many of these gadgets as possible, and buy far too many of them than i will ever need. Some of them become useful tools in my work and others make my life more enjoyable. However, Inevitably, they all fall short in some key areas, and the quest for the perfect gadget begins anew. Call it a rat race if you like.

Thankfully, i have not gotten to the point of using my kids school fees to satisfy this craving.

If you find yourself chasing the perfect mobile gadget, rest assured you are not alone. Maybe you are in denial that you are truly addicted to these little devices, and that is okay. Don’t worry, you’re only human and the Devil knows it.



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