ThinkGeek Gadgets For The Home Office

Getting bogged down in the office space can be a real drag come midweek, especially as we look forward to the weekend. But with some help from silly and fun items scattered throughout the work space, your work space can be made to be just a little more fun. For those of us who work from home, it’s not uncommon for us to work even longer hours than most folks, so we need even more distraction to keep our spirits lifted. To this end, I’d like to highlight my top ThinkGeek gadgets and products for the home office.

1) Wall Coverings- Nintendo Wall Graphics!  Seen in my own home office graphic below (sorry for the crop shot; the office is being redone), the graphics themselves are fun to apply and to look at throughout the day.

2) Infamous Red Stapler – From the days of the cult classic movie Office Space, the red stapler is something you can guard with your life should others throughout the house find themselves frequenting your workplace.

ThinkGeek Gadgets For The Home Office
Photo by Matt Hartley

3) Inflatable Brains – I cannot speak for others out there, but I’ve certainly had days when access to to some extra inflatable brains might have been able to supplement those I was born with.

4) Gamer Hand Exerciser – While I simply don’t have any time for games these days, I do like to keep my typing fingers feeling strong and nimble. And let me be the first to point out that the Xtensor device is just what the doctor ordered.

5) Card Carrier – If you’re working in the enterprise realm, chances are you have some business cards made up. But are you keeping them on you in a way that really screams “geek?” Now that is the real question. This Circuit Board Card Carrier is the only way to go.

So next time you’re feeling stressed out, consider this. Fill up your desk with lots of “stuff” to distract your attention for a few minutes. After all, sometimes we just need a quick giggle or something to get our minds off of that difficult problem we might be working over.


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