The Asus Transformer Book T100 – A Smashing Experience

By “smashing”, i meant that literally.

Transformer-Book-T100_3Lounging on the couch after the day’s work, drifting in and out of a light sleep while trying to read from my Asus tab clutched in my fingers. A smashing sound and the scream from my wife jolted me out of my slumber. There lying face down on the hard tiles laid my Asus Transformer tablet. I said a quick prayer, but within me i knew it was a little too late for that.

When i eventully summoned the courage to pick up the tab, there running across the right side of the screen was a very visible crack, which had rendered the touchscreen unresponsive. Cost me about N80,000.00 to ship this darn thing from Amazon down to Nigeria only to use it for a month!!! By now, my eyes were very clear. Sleep had long gone.

I packed up the tab immediately and went off to bed to sleep off my grief. So much for my first ever Windows Tablet.

It is all in the past now, since replaced the nasty experience with yet another Windows Tab, this time a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 10.1″ 64GB Win 8 Pro Tablet bundled with a fancy digitizer pen and a 64GB High speed micro sd card.

Look out for my review of this tab.


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