Cyberattacks May Constitute Acts of War

THE PENTAGON IS set to establish as official U.S. policy that it will consider cyberattacks to be “acts of war,” and will respond to them with real-world force, the Wall Street Journal reports. The strategy, which should be public by the time you read this, will provide guidance to our country’s armed forces and put […]

Smartphone Spying

IT SOUNDS LIKE a B-movie plot: Millions of smartphone owners are being tracked by their phones. In addition, their mobile apps are eavesdropping on them. And information on their whereabouts is being sold to third parties. But it isn’t science fiction. If you own a smartphone and download popular apps, the odds are good that […]

iPad in the Enterprise

The iPad is transforming the way businesses use technology. More than just a consumer phenomenon, the iPad is disrupting business models and power structures within corporate information technology (IT) departments. Within 90 days of being released, the device was already adopted by 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies. This unprecedented rate of market penetration represents […]