The Best Data and Voice Deal For Any Mobile Network In Nigeria

You can only enjoy this cost saving tip if you are subscribed to the Globacom Mobile Network. If you are not, after reading this tip, you may consider if it is worth your while to join the network. HACK ALERT! This article contains a reference to a mild hacking technique. You will need to change […]

Tecno Droipad 8H – A Hands On Review

INTRODUCTION Reviews of this tablet is not very much available on the Internet. Worst still, the website of the manufacturer also do not have information on this device. Something akin to a mystery surrounds this tab. It has been wrongly referred to as DROIDPAD and H8 in many online references, coupled with incorrect product specifications. […]

Tecno DroidPad 8H Tablet – Initial Thoughts

Picked up a Tecno DroidPad 8H yesterday after months of procrastination. No thanks to the almost non-existent hands on review of the tablet on the internet to guide my purchase decision. The seller eventually agreed to N31,500 after minutes of haggling. I thought it was a good bargain as I would have paid more than […]

Oh My God! It Works!

A while back, I was on a search for the perfect phone. A search that took me to the Far East where i finally settled for the Chuwi VX3, a premium grade Octa Core, 2GB RAM Chinese 7 Inch tablet. Some may wonder how possible it is to mention “Premium Grade” and “Chinese” in the […]

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – A Quick Review

For me, the major sore point for most of the Samsung smartphone line-up is the obvious plasticky nature of their devices coupled with the cheap looking curved edges. The Galaxy S series and other mid-tier line up are typical examples. But this one is different, albeit only slightly. They christened it the “Samsung Galaxy Grand […]

Tecno Phones – Slowly But Surely Taking Over Nigeria

A few months back, i walked into a mobile phone store somewhere around highbrow Victoria Garden City (VGC) in Lagos (Nigeria) and requested for a particular model of the Tecno phone brand. The words were barely out of my mouth when the store attendant – with an air of superiority – dismissed my inquiry with […]

Tecno Phantom A+ : A “Real Life Use” Review

A QUICK BACKGROUND ON THE TECNO PHANTOM A+ Contrary to popular belief, Tecno Phantom A+ was designed by the Hong Kong based Japanese company, Alps Electric Company Limited, in collaboration with Tecno. Some key components of the Phantom A+ were manufactured by Alps. Tecno Phantom A+ is not your regular Chinese Phone. INTRODUCTION This review […]

I Sold My Samsung S3 Phone Today

Sold off my Samsung S3 [US Version] phone today. I had used it for about a year. It was a tough decision to make as i had grown attached to the device and it did serve me well. But the fact is, i needed to move on. It had become a case of functionality and […]

Does Costlier Mean More Qualitative?

A follow-up question to the question above could be – does superior branding / reputation equate to a better product? We subconsciouly (or unconsciously) almost always associate the price level of a product (or service) with its value (quality). And we confuse great branding and awesome advertising gimmickry with accompanying QoS. This article is prompted […]