The Best Selling Smartphones of All Time

The world’s first smartphone was created by IBM in 1994. Nicknamed Simon, the smartphone included revolutionary features including a touchscreen, email, and built-in apps including a calculator and a sketch pad. Cellular phone functionality has continued to improve since then, especially in the years after 2000. By 2007, when Apple released its groundbreaking iPhone, there […]

Apple is Taking All of My Money (and I’m Okay With That)

I’m trapped in an interesting quandary these days: Apple is taking all of my money, albeit in .99 cent increments at times, and I don’t find myself terribly concerned. You see, I moved over to an iPhone 4 from a Motorola Droid X several weeks ago. While  I have a few Apple devices that i […]

Differences Between Blackberry BIS And BES

I’m often asked about the difference between BES and BIS. They both serve the same ultimate purpose: to deliver email (and data) to your handheld in a secure and reliable manner. So what’s the difference? What is BIS? BIS stands for BlackBerry Internet Service. It gives your BlackBerry access to the Internet. It’s like an […]

What is Your Optimal Screen Size For A Mobile Device

A  mobile device is called ‘mobile’ because the intention is for it to be taken with you and not carried about. We want to be able to flash out that device in an instant, check something on the web, and return it to our pocket. In referring to ‘mobile device’, I am referring to anything […]

Blackberry Faces Ban

There are indications that there is going to be a ban on some blackberry services in the UAE effective October 11, 2010 because of the inability of authorities there to monitor blackberry’s encrypted services. Services affected include blackBerry email, messaging and web services . The UAE ban will also cover foreign travellers passing through Emirate […]