Android Tablets: Finally Ready?

Sure, the iPad is great. But it isn’t right for everyone. A new tablet from Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, or another maker may be a better choice for you. Choice. For a long time, you didn’t have much choice if you were in the market for a tablet—Apple’s iPad was the only good option. But that’s […]

Beauty Or The Beast?

In the first part of this post, i started the chronicling of my activities in the search of a replacement for my iPad tablet. The iPad still remains the most widely accepted tablet because of its popularity, perceived status symbol and, well, fashion accessory. For the serious minded geeks out there, it is becoming increasingly […]

The iPad Supremacy

The Apple iPad is the ultimate tablet in the market using the measuring indices that matter most, and this has been the case since the device was introduced. However, there still exist some staunch iPad haters out there who are still in denial of this fact and i find this very unfortunate. What more do […]

Tablet Showdown

We looked at the latest challengers to Apple’s iPad 2, and found some worthy contenders. Which tablet came out on top? THIS YEAR SHAPES up as the year of the tablet—for real, this time—as the hugely popular, impressively svelte Apple iPad 2 competes with an array of challengers, most of them running Android. For this […]

Do you really need a Tablet?

Somebody noted that it is raining tablets nowadays. How true! Now, before you get your lines crossed, note that I am referring to Tablet Pcs!. All the major computer manufacturers are falling over themselves to bring one to the market .  The rush, I suppose is attributable to the runaway success of the iPad, followed […]

Which Input Style Do You Prefer?

Yes, this is a raging debate and it  has drawn a lot of passionate arguments and fights for or against  the different input types currently available on our mobile devices. Modern  trend  is that mobile devices, especially handhelds like smartphones and tablet PCs such as Apple’s iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the likes, are being […]