Should I Say Yes … Should I Say No?

I have held back from rooting my Samsung S3 phone for this long because of the new feature samsung has introduced into its devices called Flash Count. The flash count feature is available on the Samsung Galaxy “S” and “Note” series and basically records the number of times your device has been rooted or flashed […]

How To Root Or Unroot Your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

Rooting Your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 Search and install the superuser app from google play. Install on your phone. Download to your PC the rooting file from here. Save in your phone memory card. Enter recovery mode by holding down the “Volume Up” and the “Home” keys while powering the device on. Scroll down […]

The Difference Between Malware, Virus, Rootkits, Spyware, Worm and Trojans

One of the classic primary signs that a computer has been infected is that it suddenly becomes much less responsive than normal. This usually continues after rebooting the computer as the malicious software begins running again and using system resources. Applications that monitor system resources (such as the Windows Task Manager) of the computer may […]

Linux & OS X-only Trojan Spotted

I have always been a Linux apologist – apologies to no one. My migration to the Linux platform a few years back was largely influenced by the bitter experiences i had with malwares and viruses on Windows. Rumours were rife then of the near impregnability of Linux, that Linux is virus (trojan horse) free. It […]

To Root, Or Not To Root, That Is The Question!

The arguments for or against  hacking your mobile device to gain elevated access have been raging on for a decade or so now. Things probably became more heated up with the advent of the Apple IOS and, especially, the Android platforms where most consider rooting your android device as unsafe and unnecessary. I think it […]

Administrator Accounts – The Root Of Windows OS Virus Woes?

Windows 7 allows 2 types of user accounts to be created; The Standard (Limited) account and the Administrator account. Another type of account, called the Guest account, is also created on a new Windows 7 installation, though disabled. The basic features of these accounts are listed below; Guests Account A guest account allows people to […]

Easily Expand The Internal Memory Of Your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102

I recently came into a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos phone and the first thing that struck me was the paltry and miserly160MB internal storage that was included in the phone. Well, yes, granted, it is supposed to be a budget phone but 160MB on a smartphone in this day and age is simply outrageous?! Its dual […]

Easily Expand The Internal Memory Of Your Toshiba Thrive

Out of curiosity than anything else, i decided to try out the procedure i found on the internet which promises to Increase the internal memory  of the Toshiba Thrive tablet. No, it does not require any screw drivers or the likes. It is purely a software affair. Basically, what i set out to do was […]

How To Secure Your WordPress Blog – Part 2

Experts believe that the best way to secure your WordPress installation is by writing your own codes and not with the use of off-the-shelf codes, known as plugins. While this may be true, not many possess the skills of writing codes for WordPress. Chances are, you may even be barely capable of finding your way […]

VPS – The First Steps

A VPS Web server acts as a stand-alone server, complete with its own users, IP addresses, memory, root access, and configuration files. The size of these virtual servers can be adjusted much more easily than physical servers, making them a versatile asset for anyone using them.Basically, you pay for resources as you need them. “Scalability” […]