802.11ac: The Next Wi-Fi Standard

THE UPCOMING 802.11ac wireless networking standard promises to do to 11n what 11n did to 11g. While the IEEE 802.11ac standard probably won’t be completed before the end of 2013 (Draft 2.0 is under development), and although the Wi-Fi Alliance has issued no interoperability criteria, consumer products claiming compliance with 802.11ac could be available on […]

Staying Strong In Your Moment Of Blogging Weakness

There’s no secret that times are tough right now. Money is tight, jobs are scarce and that’s true across all professions, including bloggers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur blogger doing it mostly for fun, a part time blogger doing the work as a secondary income or a professional blogger who does this to […]

Cyberattacks May Constitute Acts of War

THE PENTAGON IS set to establish as official U.S. policy that it will consider cyberattacks to be “acts of war,” and will respond to them with real-world force, the Wall Street Journal reports. The strategy, which should be public by the time you read this, will provide guidance to our country’s armed forces and put […]