Free Business Class Email Addresses For Your Personal Domains

Microsoft recently ended free email service support for custom domains, the mainstay for many Small and Medium Business Enterprises. Google buried Google Apps free edition, a similar business email application back in December 2012. So with Microsoft and Google having turned their backs, what option remains for these SMEs? Enter Zoho┬árecently announced its offer […]

Migrating From Yahoo! Email To Gmail (Revisited)

For many and for a very long time too, Yahoo provided the only email services they ever knew. To them, the term “email” was synonymous with “Yahoo”. The company strutted the internet cyberspace like a colossus. Yes, business was extremely good. Things, however, took an unpleasant turn for this email giant sometime in 2004 when […]

Great Alternatives to Gmail

Almost everybody in Nigeria has a Gmail account. Not a bad thing really, especially when it offers a great service, coupled with all those free add ons that the likes of Yahoo and Fastmail were charging an arm for. However, for some personal reasons, you may feel the need to search for an alternative. Reasons […]