Monthly Review – May 2011

Over time, you are bound to accumulate a lot of bloat on your blog. As of April 2011, i had managed to accumulate about 500MB of this on the blog “Diary of a Geek”. This can be caused by any combination of the following, the list is however not exhaustive; – Continual installation and deleting […]

Monthly Review – April 2011

Unique IPs (Not Visitors) – 4,242  (3,722 in March 2011) Page Views – 24,917 (21,426 in March 2011) Feed Views –  4,238 (5,479 in March 2011) Alexa Ranking – 78,426 (77,679 in March 2011) Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 463 (332 in March 2011) Website Grader – 97/100 (97/100 in March 2011)

Monthly Review – February 2011

Contrary to our expectations, the site witnessed an increase in its followership from the rather low figures that was reported for January 2011. To sustain this, 2 additional contributors have come on board; 1. Muyiwa Iyowu (muyiscoi) has a background in Computer Engineering and is a blogger. He is our in-house Linux Expert. 2. Idowu […]

Monthly Review – January 2011

I guess we have come to the point where much effort as to be put in to inch the ranking of the site upwards, the competition is probably more intense at the top. The ranking of the site dipped at the local level (Nigeria) while there was an improvement Globally and most other measuring indices. […]