Do you really need a Tablet?

Somebody noted that it is raining tablets nowadays. How true! Now, before you get your lines crossed, note that I am referring to Tablet Pcs!.

All the major computer manufacturers are falling over themselves to bring one to the market .  The rush, I suppose is attributable to the runaway success of the iPad, followed by that of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. They both sold millions in record time.  There were attempts to popularize this form factor years ago – but it did not catch on.

Most tablets coming to the market have a screen dimension of at least 7”.  The supposed major advantages of these tablets is their size. They are bigger than your smartphone and smaller than the netbook.  Now, it is debatable whether we need a form factor of handheld computer sporting a 7”-sized display, personally, i don’t.  Your regular tablet computer is too big to fit into your pockets. Thus, a smartphone, say the 4-inch  display variety, is better in terms of portability.

A tablet can not really take the place of your regular netbook in terms of the applications and processing power. It is mostly suitable for browsing, emailing and playing media files. And it is too big to be used as a phone.  It was noted somewhere that the Tablet is less power-thirsty than your netbook. While this may be true in some instances, the battery life of a lot of netbooks manufactured in the past one year are much better than that of the Tablet Computers.

My submission is that current crop of tablets being pushed out are too big to be truly portable in the sense of a smartphone being portable. But the key thing is that they are too under-powered to take the place of a netbook or laptop.

Only the future will tell whether the initial adoption speed of the Galaxy Table, iPad or the tablet form factor in general, will persist over the years.

What do you think?


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