Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – A Quick Review

930201460938PM_635_samsung_galaxy_grand_primeFor me, the major sore point for most of the Samsung smartphone line-up is the obvious plasticky nature of their devices coupled with the cheap looking curved edges. The Galaxy S series and other mid-tier line up are typical examples.

But this one is different, albeit only slightly. They christened it the “Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime“.

I went shopping recently for a gift phone for my wifey when i stumbled on it; slim, with its almost squared-off edges and matured look. You can call it sexy, you may get away with it.

Weighing in at 8GB internal ROM and 1 GB RAM, a specification expected of a mid-tier phone. No surprises there. However, what is surprising is that despite the lean specs, the fluidity of the phone is amazing. Possibly the combination of its quad core processor and the KitKat 4.4.2 OS at work. Despite the slew of apps I threw at it, the phone never missed a beat, screens still flipped past flawlessly. My wife loved it.

The front facing camera was a delight, a whooping 5MP! Wow. I daresay the pictures are good too, especially under bright lights.

For the selfie queens out there, this one is for you.

Being a new phone, a flip case was hard to come by. Neither Slot nor Saka Tinubu had the case in stock. However, a passing glance at a pack of phone cases on sale revealed a pink pouch which fitted smugly around the phone, shielding the 5 inch screen perfectly. Lovely.

But what still beats me is how the likes of Innjoo, Tecno and Infinix are able to pack better spec devices for less than the N36,000.00 I got this phone for. Wonder what fraction of this amount I am actually paying for the brand name “Samsung”.

Nevertheless, a good buy i must say, moreso as the recipient of the gift loved it. Kind of girly though, with the pink pouch and all.


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