Recently, MTN Nigeria introduced a package that allows you unlimited talk-time to a special number. All for a token of N250 per month.

While a lot of people may be overjoyed at this offer, there is the need to be cautious in taking advantage of this ‘wonderful’ offer. This short write up was prompted by a mobile user saying – on a popular technology forum  – that he was gisting away with his kid(s) for 47 minutes on his mobile phone! After all, it is just N250 per month, and you can literally chatter on until your battery gives up  or your mouth dries up!

The health implication of free midnight calls was mentioned at a point in time. People depriving themselves of sleep just to take advantage of free midnight calls.  This new offer of N250 per month for unlimited calls to a special MTN number may tempt people to make unnecessarily long GSM calls. And this may have a deleterious effect.

The health implications – due to irradiation – of prolonged GSM talk is still not certain.  So, to be on the safe side, note that ‘awoof’ (freebies) can, and does, kill! . And too much lengthy talk on your phone MAY gradually fry your brain.

Here is what a medical doctor has to say about this:

“…..Short periods of calls are preferable to long period calls. The use of headset should be considered when making long duration calls to avoid exposure of the head and brain to radiation.”

One more thing, please use new phones from reputable manufacturers. The radiation emission of these phones are calibrated and written in SARS values. These values worsen with the age of the cell phone. So better to use mobiles that are less than three years old and avoid phones with unknown SARS values (like some of those Chinese phones). Headsets help to put the distance between phones and your brain.

People with Cardiac pacemakers are adviced not to keep their cell phones in the breast pocket while generally, I wouldn’t advice anyone to keep phones in a pocket near the groin for fear of radiation to the gonads.

It is better to err on the side of conservatism and caution.

Take advantage of freebies wisely!


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  1. I have always been uncomfortable with sticking phones to my ears but it is not very convenient going around with an earpiece. I do not think i’ll fare better with a bluetooth receiver blinking in my ear,apart from the juvenile conotation,i am not sure which is worse,the phone to my ear or the bluetooth!

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