Fundamental truths why you must build your author website


Why Build a Website?

It shows literary agents, editors, and readers alike that you take your writing seriously. Armed with an awesome, informative author website, you can promote yourself like the true professional you are! Include the URL on your cover letter, in the signature of your emails, and even on your business cards.
Don’t let random search results on Google be the only way people can stumble across you online. An author website anchors your online author persona, giving you more control over what people read about you on the Web.
An author website gives your fans a place to return to any time they want the latest news about you and your writing. It’s where you can blog about your works in progress, host book giveaways, list your upcoming public appearances, and host lively discussions in the comments section.
An integrated blog is a fantastic way to add some more personality to your author website and keep it fresh. Keep your readers coming back for more by regularly updating your blog with interesting and engaging content, short stories, and just general information you think would appeal to your readers!
Sure, most marketplaces have a built-in audience, which may help you sell to more customers, but they also take a portion of your royalties (between 65 and 30% per sale). Selling books directly from your own site ensures you get to keep your profits.
In this era of digital marketing, the importance of email lists is known to everyone. By integrating a newsletter sign-up form on the site, you can collect the emails of your visitors and send them an email notification whenever you publish a new post.

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Features that come by default for all Author Websites

Having a great author website is an important step toward becoming a successful author. If you’re doing it right, you will increase your audience, grow your engagement, and look more professional.

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