DavoltaIn this part of the world, Nigeria, it is very safe to say that power from the National grid is almost non-existent. Most homes generate their own power supply from petrol or diesel generating sets.

I pride myself as the “Director of Technical Operations” for my home. This in simple terms mean that everything – aside from kitchen and domestic chores – fall under my jurisdiction. Mechanic, system administrator, electrician, handyman, etc are all my responsibility – or at least i try to do my part before i call in the professionals to undo all what i must have turned upside down.

Perhaps the chore i hate the most, and which needs to be done about every 2 days, is filling the tank of the power generator with petrol. I hate it. Apart from the health risk from the fumes, it so happens that mosquitoes seem to love dwelling where generators are. Well, perhaps i am just being paranoid but i can swear it is true. I always have to tolerate these fumes and the mosquito bites for as long as it takes me to fill up my generator tank. I do this by pouring the fuel into a bowl from the keg, then fill the petrol tank with the bowl. Yes, very labourious.

I had always noticed it in the Lekki Expressway traffic on my way to work, an apparatus consisting of a pump shaped like that of a petrol pump with about a meter of hose hanging from its end. Seeing it, i guessed immediately what it was meant to do, siphoning fuel from kegs. But i was very skeptical about how efficient or durable the product is.

During one of these bumper to bumper sessions going to work, i decided to have a closer look at this device. The street vendor asked for about N3000 (US$18) for it which i immediately halved. I bought it grudgingly for about N1500 (US$9), expecting that i had wasted good money.

It was a DALVOLTA brand. And yes, it did deliver as was boldly boasted by the street vendor. Perhaps the feature i loved the most is that you can even work it unattended. Just prime the pump, and once the petrol starts coming out (somewhere between gush out and trickle out), you can leave it unattended. Just make sure you keep watch from afar so that it does not overflow. It took between 10-15 minutes to fill up the 25 Litre tank of my generator. Oh, did i mention that the keg needs to be in an elevated position?

In all, i think it is a N1500 well spent.


2 Responses

  1. I first saw them a few weeks ago and was skeptical about their ability to deliver but with your point here, I guess I should ease up on the doubt. Good one.

  2. Wale, let us know how well the device is performing now. That would help some of know whether we should now invest in it. Thanks.

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