We discussed about Portable Apps on this blog a while back and we highlighted a few of its advantages as;

– You have all your softwares with you at all times, installed on any regular flash drive.
– Ability to bypass administrative level restriction. Use your regular softwares on any PC anytime, anywhere.
– Reduce the clogging up of your computer registry, a primary cause of PC system instability. It leaves a Zero, or near zero registry footprint.
– Have all your regular applications available for use on any PC, saving time on the installation of the same software on every PC you use.

I must confess that i have not really made use of portable apps in a while, that was until my very recent job placement. It is a real “IT-centric” company, so i was not particularly shocked that all their end-user systems were locked down, meaning i was given very limited access to administer the software on my PC system.

What particularly irked me was the idea of using Internet Explorer. I dread using it and only do so occasionally, to test out my web designs.

Compiling a choice of my favorite applications on a old flash drive was an easy task, thanks to Many people swear to the superiority of Google Chrome web browser, so i decided to include it in my application line-up. Other softwares include Gimp, Kompozer, Putty, Gnumeric Portable, etc. However, my major interest was in Firefox. Overtime, i have become increasingly dependent on this web browser. Apart from being able to carry it with me on a flash drive, i can also sync my bookmarks and passwords with my personal laptop and with the Firefox app on my Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet.

Yes, mine is a very boring line up of apps, why not visit the site and see what works for you.


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  1. Yeah, helped me a lot during my NYSC in 2010 as a junior DBA and handy software manager at my PPA.

    I still keep all the portable apps I used then, and have added a few, but I don’t recall using any of them in more than a year. My laptop is almost always around me.

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