The ipad 2 was finally unveiled today by, who else, Steve Jobs! Still being retailed at the prices of the first ipad iteration, starting at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, it features an A5 processor for a 2x faster CPU speed and 9x faster graphics speed with the power consumption of the original A4 chip. It has front and back cameras as well as a built-in gyroscope. It is 1/3 thinner than the iPad – 8.8 mm thick from 13 mm – making it thinner than the iPhone 4.

It would be in the stores by March 11th.

This is temptation…


5 Responses

  1. Nice, I’m definately getting one.
    Although, I’m not one of those die hard fans that will line up at the store on March 11th

  2. With the release of Ipad 2 , do you envisage a drop in the price of the current Ipad.

    Will probably go for the Ipad 2 as well, especially with the crash of my Kindle…

    What will be ur preferred “value for money” Ipad 2 specs; I think 32GB Wifi+3G will be just fine.

    But we shouldn’t forget the woes of the early adopters of Iphone 4 in a hurry. I think it’s good wisdom to wait for about 3 months before buying the Ipad 2. At that time, all the bugs and teething problems should have been detected and perhaps fixed.

  3. sorry about your kindle,it’s funny how these devices are built these really need a lot of luck to purchase a device that lasts.
    It’s been announced already,apple is shaving a $100 off the old ipad. Old ipad,a device barely a year old!
    Personally, cost consideration is very key, so is the 3G modem. i think the 16gb+wifi+3g suits me just fine.
    i’m seriously considering the old ipad with these features,it is cheaper than ipad 2 and truth is, the ipad 2 has not brought anything fantastic to the table

  4. I will advice you against getting the Ipad 1. It’s like having the iphone 3 when compared with iphone 4. The processor speed is definately faster.
    All issues that may arise can easily be fixed with a software update.
    The only thing two things I want which I’m not sure exist is the usb and sd card drive.

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