Nothing Good Comes Out Of Nigeria

police_fightI read through hundreds of news feeds daily from my phone, usually on varied topics spanning technology, religion, socio political and religious news. Even gossips too!

What irks me is the trend i have now noticed. If for some reason i am unable to dedicate time for this daily habit of mine or worst still, i go without reading these feeds for a day or two, i would have amassed quite a huge pile of news to read through. Information overload you might say. So, what easy way to lighten this load other than to delete all news feeds on Nigeria, afterall you rarely get to read of anything good coming out of this country.

Sad, i know, but it is just not everyday i feel like burdening my mind about the misrule, reckless corruption and the gross indiscipline that has now become the acceptable way of life in this potentially prosperous contry of ours.



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