Learn how to build digital products without writing a single line of code

Build anything you can dream of without writing code or spending high budget hiring a developer.


Why Choose Omowe Digital?

Build your digital Products with top no-code tools

Airtable 100%
Softr 96%
Elementor Pro 98%
Bubble 80%
Baserow 80%

Hands On Training

In the real world, some things can’t be learned by watching another individual do a task or having it explained; it takes actually performing the task to learn how to do it right.

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered learning practice designed to teach concepts using real-world problems and challenges.

Free Perks

We believe in giving you the tools you need to succeed, whether it’s the chance to run your own business or succeed in a corporate career.

One Month Mentorship

This program is a One-on-One virtual mentoring guidance that will hold for 1 month causing accelerated growth in a person who is thirsty for growth.


Everything you need to build your next business idea

Thousands of business ideas die because founders don’t know how to move beyond the idea stage. With no-code, you can start building small and test ideas rapidly, even with no technical experience. This course is everything you need to build your next business idea. And if you don’t have ideas right now, that’s okay too.

No-Code Developer Course

A course that gets you learning by building. No boring webinars. No fluff.
and gain lifetime access to the lectures, and worksheets this course has to offer you. For a small investment, you can re-ignite your passion for building and be sure never to waste your time again.
  • Hobbyists Who Want To Build Passion Projects By Themselves
  • Entrepreneurs Who Want To Launch A Start-Up Without A Technical Co-Founder
  • Freelancers Who Want To Learn An Emerging Skill To Maximise Their Earnings


How No-Code empowers you

#NoCode is a digital revolution that is aimed at democratising software development for non-coders. If you can think logically or visually, you can build and ship digital products.
Build it yourself
Save time and money
Faster iteration

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