Monthly Review – September 2010

This review is coming in a little late, we apologise. We were moving this blogsite and its domain name from our former registrar and webhost, to Arthurwales Web Hosts. Expectedly, it went seamless.

Up from a former height of 6644 for August 2010, a total of 9576 unique visitors visited this site in September 2010, a 44% increase. There was an average of 320 visitors per day. There were 11 days when this average was clearly surpassed with the most significant being on the 5/09/2010 when we had 729 visitors. This was largely due to one of our articles “I’ve moved on…” that was linked to by the popular international Linux forum, I think we deserve a pat on the back for that recognition.

Thank you, and oh, Happy Birthday Nigeria!


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