Monthly Review – May 2011

Over time, you are bound to accumulate a lot of bloat on your blog. As of April 2011, i had managed to accumulate about 500MB of this on the blog “Diary of a Geek”. This can be caused by any combination of the following, the list is however not exhaustive;

– Continual installation and deleting of plugins from your blog. Most plugins are not fully uninstalled when you delete them, they leave parts of them behind.

– Large image files. They all add up at the end of the day.

– Databases of plugins, especially the ones that collect blog statistics

I knew i had to shed some weight and that i did by cleaning out the whole website and started afresh. To prevent a reoccurrence of the bloat, i took the following steps;

– Blog statistics were finally “outsourced” to Google Analytics. They are less generous with their figures, but i guess they are the real deal. That way,  the database will not be housed on my site.

– Limiting images uploaded to the site to not more than 30kb, except in a few instances.

– Testing plugins on a test site before adopting it on the blog site, that way i will know if that is what i need. This will prevent unnecessary uninstallations.

– Manually coding your themes to achieve desired results with less reliance on plugins.

Now i feel light and free, down from 500MB to just a little over 50MB!

Below are the traffic stats for the blog for the month of May, 2011;

Google Analytics

Visits : 2,419
Absolute Unique Visitors : 2,026
Page Views : 3,369

Website Grader

Website Grade : 96
Blog Grade : 47

Moz Rank

Moz Rank : 3

Alexa Ranking

Worldwide : 83,799
Nigeria : 435



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