Monthly Review – January 2011

I guess we have come to the point where much effort as to be put in to inch the ranking of the site upwards, the competition is probably more intense at the top.

The ranking of the site dipped at the local level (Nigeria) while there was an improvement Globally and most other measuring indices.


Unique IPs (Not Visitors) – 2,576 (3,619 in December 2010)

Page Views – 17,109 (13,153 in December 2010)

Feed Views – 5220 (Not Measured in December 2010)

Alexa Ranking – 82,449 (112,392 in December 2010)

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 440 (226 in December 2010)

Website Grader – 94/100 (92/100 in December 2010)


Alexa Ranking – 67,359 (81,399 in December 2010))

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 485 (239 in December 2010)

Website Grader – 88/100 (92/100 in December 2010)

We expect these figures to dip further next month as we have tightened the noose on automated spam (junk) comments on the site which has contributed to the inaccuracy in the measurement of HUMAN traffic to the site.

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