Monthly Review – December 2010

It was a very eventful 2010. This blog site started off in July 2010 as an avenue to share technological ideas. Trust me, as easy as it may seem, blogging is not an easy task, especially if your focus is on publishing objective and quality contents. And if you think otherwise, please feel free to sign off for a VERY FREE web hosting account and start off yours.

Our performances for last month, December 2010, was very encouraging. The figures below attributes to this. These figures are, however, approximate values and are meant for guidance purposes only. But as usual, i do recommend Website Grader for anyone interested in improving on the Search Engine Optimization of his website.


Unique IPs (Not Visitors) – 3,619

Page Views – 13,153

Alexa Ranking – 112,392 (256,810 in November 2010)

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 266

Website Grader – 92/100


Alexa Ranking – 81,399 (155,866 in November 2010)

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 239

Website Grader – 92/100


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