Monthly Review – November 2010

Our prediction last month that we will one day edge google and facebook from the top spots on ALEXA web ranking elicited a few laughs. We are still standing by our prediction. Remember what they said about those who laugh last, we surely will !!!

Getting this monthly review together is not a favourite past time of mine. What i find most frustrating is that no two website ranking company can ever rank the same website the same, seems everyone just decides what is the best yardstick to use in measurement. However, in the interest of fairness, the review for this site would be based on audit results from the following companies; Slimstat, Alexa and Website Grader. Of the lot, i find website grader the most useful as it evaluates your websites and scores it, using different variables , to grade its marketing effectiveness.


Unique IPs (Not Visitors) – 1,881

Page Views – 7,689

Alexa Ranking – 256,810 (854,948 in October 2010)

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 417

Website Grader – 95/100


Alexa Ranking – 155,866 (793,740 in October 2010)

Alexa Ranking (Nigeria) – 219

Website Grader – 93/100


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