Monthly Review – October 2010

Unfortunately, there would be no review this month. The blog site was transferred from to early last month. The change in servers and IP addresses caused a lot of the traffic data to be lost, hence, any data presented for last month will not be reliable.

We have also seized the opportunity to change our data collation technique to a very more conservative one. Instead of recognizing a single IP address as being unique based on 30 minutes intervals between visits to the site, henceforth, a single IP address would only be regarded as unique once per day, no matter how many times visits from that IP is logged in a day. Yes, our figures will drop drastically but we feel it is better to keep it real.

However, on a lighter and positive note, the ranking of the site on ALEXA, one of the major companies involved in website ranking, has improved from 1,222,490 in the beginning of October 2010 to 854,948 today. But more surprising is our sister site,, our Web Hosting arm. We opened shop on October 1, 2010 with a ranking of over 25 million. But as of today, the ranking stands at 793,740, thanks to your patronage and visits.

Alexa ranking is not foolproof and is being manipulated by a lot of sites, but we are more interested in knowing how much impact we are making in people’s lives. We count on your support in moving our ranking to the very top, edging out and from the top spots!


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