OS Wars – Get a Mac!

Most times, your preference for an Operating System (OS) over another is largely influenced by your familiarity or comfort with a particular one. Sometimes, the opinions can be out rightly one sided especially for our country Nigeria where most people have never seen anything else other that a Windows PC.

There’s been so much superiority claims among the major players, namely Apple’s Mac OSX and Microsoft’s Windows, which has been heated up with Windows latest attack on Apple.

In my response to a comment to my write-up Who’s Afraid of Linux, i did a quick round up of the 3 majors OSes and gave the trophy to Apple Mac. It was not a resounding victory for apple, in fact, it was a very close call. The truth is, Windows has since redeemed its image overwhelmingly since the introduction of Windows 7. Windows Vista was an apology, so much that a lot of homes and businesses stuck to Windows XP, giving XP the longest shelf life for any OS. Microsoft XP was introduced October 2001 and its still being supported till 2014.

Also, one of the major edge Apple Mac had is slowly being eroded. Before now, you could easily install a Windows OS on an Apple Mac either as a Virtual Machine or a dual boot partition. It was not possible to install a Mac OSX on a PC, well, not without having to go hacking. That also has changed. Enter VIRTUALBOX , again! Officially, the virtualization software only supports Mac OSX server, but without any need for hacking, you can easily install your Mac OSX Snow leopard in your Windows 7 OS. Moreso, with the price of a Mac OSX going for this cheap, i think now it’s the time to take the Mac for a spin.

Why not Get a Mac?


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