Link Your NIN To Your Mobile SIM and Verify Immediately Using NiMC App

Step 1

Open Google Play Store on your android phone

Type in the following to search for the NIMC mobile app;


or click on the link below;

The link will take you directly to app

Step 2

You may skip this step if you know your National ID already.

Otherwise dial *346# from the mobile number used to register your National ID.

PS: For those who had their National ID automatically generated from their BVN by the banks, use the same USSD to retrieve your National ID. However, you may not be able to register on the app until you visit any NIMC office for your biometrics to be captured.

Step 3

Launch the app on your phone. Read through the introductory messages by clicking “Next” (or skip).

Type in your National ID into the text box as shown below.

Step 4

At this point, If your National ID is fully registered with NIMC, a user id will be generated for you in the format XXXXXX-XXXX (The first 6 characters are random alphabets while the last 4 characters are digits.

Note that you will be asked to provide a 6 digit security PIN to secure your information on the app. Ensure you use a memorable PIN.

Step 5

The image below shows the screen that you will be presented with when you log into the app. For privacy reasons, personal details have been obscured.

Step 6

To view the digital version of your National ID, click the first icon on the screen “SHOW MY ID”.

Step 7

To link additional mobile numbers to your NIN, click the 6th icon “MY DEVICES”. You will notice that your primary number is prepopulated and marked as validated.

You have an option of adding up to 6 additional numbers. An OTP will be sent to the number being added. If you correctly enter the OTP into the app, your number will be verified immediately, thereby successfully linking your numbers(s) to your NIN.

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