The Best Things In Life Are Free

I was in a friend’s office some time ago. In his secondary school days, this friend  was  like me –  addicted to novels. The ornithological specimen of identical plummage invariably consummate together with greatest proximity. Meaning? Birds of the same feathers…

Reading  James Hadley Chase, Frederick Forsythe and  Robert Ludlum was of higher priority that perusing Modern Biology. There are addictions that can kill, this one sure killed my time in those days!

While more pressing responsibilities and the rigours of adulthood no longer permit verbose novel reading, the internet is still there – though dormant! This addict friend mentioned that there is a new thriller Author, in the mould of Sidney Sheldon. Alas, I could not remember the name he mentioned! Predictably, I fired up my laptop and googled “best thriller novelist”. Woa! I have a list of really thrilling novels to download.

It suddenly occured to me that majority of people would likely head over to a Glendora BookShop in search of novels or books of interest. A miser and geek like me would , of course, check if I could not get things free from the internet FIRST. Sure enough, there are enough thrilling (and boring!) novels, professional books, videos, audios and the likes to download free  from the web. if you will just google, bing, or devilfind !

My favorite site for downloads is 4shared. There are of course numerous other sites where materials can be grabbed – gratis – from the internet. Another addiction I need a shrink for is mobile applications. I can spend a whole day analyzing (mobile) applications. Predictably, I use an app for grabbing stuff sharp-sharp from the net. This application  is  ‘4shared’. It is a faster alternative to grabbing stuff from If you own a Symbian phone, visit and download this app. You will then be able to search, upload or download content-on-the-go, right from your mobile phone. Straight to the buuls-eye, no dithering!

Most of the materials from these free download sites are either in zipped, rar’ed or pdf format. So if you love to read content from your mobile, it would be wise to have a capable pdf application and an extractor program. I use Xplorer for Symbian and Pdf

And as to those novels, some of the ones I have downloaded (and have not had time to read) are titles from John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon, Alistair Maclean, Robert Ludlum. And in the ‘serious’ category, i have lots of Robert Kiyosaki titles.

I pray I have time to read most of these things!

So, before you shell out your money for ANY BOOK, video, WHATEVER, check out if you cannot get it for free (electronically) from the world wide web.

The free electronic format has the advantages of being FREE (surprise!), lasts forever (it IS in electronic formation – on your flash drive), can be easily duplicated (try that with ‘Winning” by Jach Welch), easily transmitted to friends and foes – , and so on, and so on. You get the point! So, which would you rather than have, a library in the palms of your hand, or an old-school-type library of books that a lorry will labour to transport? Now, that Obasanjo library – who needs that, huh? I got my library with me all the thyme!


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