Project detail

Jumoke Okuwobi

Jumoke Okuwobi is a prolific hybrid author who writes in multiple genres, including young adult, romance, and nonfiction. Her creativity and bold writing style helped spark the soft tones and bold lettering surrounding her website development. She maintained a specific vision when relating her requirements for a clear, concise and professional author website. As a result, she needed a website developer that would not only produce a stunning website that showcased her multiple writing talents, but also incorporated her ideas and uniqueness in the site’s overall look, while maintaining ease of use for her to edit and add to the site.


Services Implemented

Domain Registration 100%
Website Hosting 100%
Website Development 100%
Copywriting 70%
Business Emails 100%
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing 100%
Amazon Ads 100%

The Challenge

Jumoke required a website partner that allowed for changes and suggestions to the initial idea of the website, thus allowing her the flexibility of changing her mind about certain aspects of appearance and usability. This, in turn, gave her creative license over her website’s development. This freedom of choice, defined needs, and unbridled creativity will result in a beautifully crafted website, with aspects uniquely suited to her.

Our Approach

Omowe worked with Jumoke to create a design brief with a precise understanding of what was required for the website’s development. We also purchased the domain name and setup WordPress website hosting via our in-house web hosting solutions. Any necessary minor changes to the website were dealt with timeously and efficiently within the stipulated budget. This resulted in a beautiful collaboration of both professionalism and creativity which is evident in the website’s design

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