IOS 5 – Playing Catch-Up?

No one outside of Apple’s glittering fortress knew for sure what iOS 5 would bring, but we did have hints and clues pointing to notifications, group messaging, and Twitter integration.

Apple presented 10 of the reportedly 200 additions and enhancements, including a long-awaited update to the way iOS handles obtrusive notifications, and the ability to cut out the USB cord for over-the-air system updates.

While all the new features mark happy tidings for Apple fans, many of the features have been seen before on Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7. Here’s a look at how the major updates Apple’s most proud of compare to rival mobile platforms. We’ve included dates and the names of Apple’s new features when available. iOS 5 updates on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch this upcoming fall.

Apple iOS 5 Android Windows Phone BlackBerry OS
Grouped notifications Notification Center Notifications pull-down (2008) Live tile updates (2010) Notification icones on home screen
Group, multimedia messaging (free within ecosystem) iMessage Standard messaging; Third-party apps (Kik, GroupMe) Standard messaging; Third-party apps BlackBerry Messenger 5 (2009)
Twitter sharing, integration iOS 5, fall release Sharing an original Android feature; status updates via apps Coming with Mango update in fall Twitter photo-sharing available
Over-the-air updates iOS 5, fall release Original feature (2008) Original feature (2010) BlackBerry OS 5(2009)
Magazine, RSS subscriptions Newsstand Third-party apps Third-party apps Third-party apps
Reminders lists iOS 5, fall release; includes geolocation Third-party apps Third-party apps Third-party apps
Browser reading mode iOS 5, fall release Third-party apps Third-party apps Third-party apps
Rich text formatting Mail app Third-party apps Office documents Third-party apps
Camera shortcut on a locked phone iOS 5, fall release HTC Sensation has a lock screen shortcut Hold and press shutter from sleep position (Pocket-to-picture; 2010) Must wake up phone
Games recommendations, see achievements Games Center Not available Xbox Live (Achievements; 2010); enhancements with Mango Not available


Source : CNET


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