crea-una-tienda-onlineOpenshopen is a secure, web based, online e-commerce platform that enables anyone to open an online store where products and services can be sold online. It is an easy but comprehensive solution that enables merchants to sell on the internet by creating an online store that uniquely identifies the merchant and her business online in just three simple steps.

Advantages of Openshopen

Openshopen has the following advantages

  • An easy to manage online store
  • Wide selection of templates and customization options for store owners to design and change the looks and feels of their stores
  • Online security and integration with payment gateway that accepts notable cards e.g Mastercard, Visa card Verve card.
  • Automated to meet the local e commerce end to end transactional process requirement from ordering of the goods to the fulfillment of the orders
  • Takes the logistics of delivering of ordered goods off the merchant through integration to the logistics providers system and partnership for effective and prompt delivery of ordered goods to the online buyers
  • An efficient and profitable platform for business growth.
  • Offers a free subscription

For the Nigerian market, the following tariff plans are available;

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Please check the features of each plan on

A pilot test is still being conducted on the webshop. Click on this link to create your own online store.