Ilorin on my mind

It’s been a while i visited Ilorin, capital city of Kwara State, Nigeria. Been here about 2 times since i graduated from the University of Ilorin, sometime last decade, the last being about 3 years ago. The level of development here is definitely nothing compared to Lagos or Abuja but i can not help but be impressed with what i see around me. You can only imagine my shock when i saw a fly over somewhere near Post Office. Fly over! Ilorin?All around me, new structures have been put up. Anyone who has not been here in about 10 years would be pleasantly surprised.
Definitely not a praise singer for the incumbent Governor, but comparitatively, Ilorin has indeed changed for the better. But whether the level of change is commensurable with the resources available to the state, i guess i am not competent to be a judge.

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