I Hate Blackberry

Is it just me or are there other men out there who, just like me, have a problem with the almost endless periods their wives (or women) spend chatting on their Blackberries? Anyone?

I have always given the Blackberry its due respect for what it stands for and what it has been able to achieve but I have never particularly liked it for a lot of objective reasons that I have listed here and here. From this disadvantaged point, I only need the slightest reason to nail its coffin and burry the device for good.

You see, my wife had her birthday sometime this month and she got a Blackberry as a gift. Of course she was excited about it but I had some reservations which I expressed to her. She replied, “oh, I wont go about adding just anybody’s BB pin (she has kept her word on this) but just a few friends”. Very reasonable, isn’t it? The problem is, I would gladly trade the few friends she has added for the whole world!

Right from when she wakes up, till she goes to bed, there is always that irritating and annoying chime that is always driving me to the wall. There is always a chat session going on.


“So, who are you chatting with this time”
“But you have been chatting with her all day, and it is rather late”
“She wants to know who got evicted from Big Brother’s house”
“Please just switch off that thing and spare a little time for your family”
“Why should I switch it off, at least, when you are with your iPad, you rarely have time for anyone too”

I paused as the truth sank in. As usual, she has won the argument. How exactly can I explain to her that what I do on my iPad is “brain” work on how to make the world a better place and not some idle chat?! I became more resolved in my conviction to sabotage her phone.

I had threatened to sabotage the phone and, really, I can do it. Thankfully, she is not very tech savvy, so I could just tamper with the Internet configuration and she would be no wiser. I am really bidding my time, will strike at the right moment, leaving no trace of my dastardly act.

Hehehehehehe. (Wicked laugh)

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