How To Recover Deleted Files From Your PC

billionphotos-1664380Security experts have always warned that files deleted from your Computer can still be recovered.

This could either be a good thing or otherwise. If you have files on your computer that you really, really do not want anyone to see, merely deleting them is not good enough.

But for me, it was a good thing.

I have these bunch of files in a folder on my laptop, about 3GB in all, that i use for my web design projects. I mistakenly deleted the folder off my desktop, and like the Digital Neat Freak that i was, i also flushed it from my Recycle Bin. It was not until late evening that i realized what i had done, and the loss that stared me in the face if i failed to recover those files.

There are a slew of File Recovery softwares out there on the internet with varying levels of efficiency. My choice is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 9.5. The download size is about 12 MB for the trial version. A two minute scan of my laptop with it showed the ghost of the deleted folder in my recycle bin but could not recover it with my trial version license. $69.99 later, i recovered the whole folder in a few minutes.

A costly mistake but all is well that ends well.

However, you need to take the following precautions if you find yourself in this situation;

– Immediately you realize you have deleted a file that you would want recovered, shut down your computer immediately.
– While your Operating system no longer points to that file as still residing on your PC, it actually still is.
– Problem is, the space being used by the file can be used by any file you copy to your system or application you install, thereby permanently overwriting the file.

I have since upgraded to the Technician version of this application, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 9.5, giving me the license to provide technical services to clients. That is, You!  If you are faint-hearted, i just might be of help to you in recovering your files.


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