How To Back Up Blackberry 3rd Party Applications

Many of you have had reasons to upgrade your Blackberry device OS or restore to factory settings. No doubt, by doing this it may solve your blackberry’s issue, but of course, you will lose all your data.

Even though you can use the Backup and Restore function of your Desktop Manager (provided you have the backup file), you will still lose all those 3rd party applications. The only option open to you is to install back each application one by one OTA, a slow and frustrating experience using Nigeria’s mobile Internet.

A very easy way to backup those 3rd applications on your Blackberry device is detailed below. With these simple steps, you will able to restore back all your applications without having to download it all over again.

1) Please install the latest Blackberry Desktop Manager (You can download it from

2) Connect your Blackberry device to computer.

3) Launch Blackberry Desktop Manager then click on Device Switch Wizard.

4) Click on Switch Blackberry Devices

5) Select Third-party Applications ONLY then click Next

6) At this point, the Desktop Manager will back up all your 3rd party apps. When finished PLEASE DO NOT CLICK NEXT OR CANCEL.

7) Using Windows Explorer, search for the folder with same name with your Blackberry PIN. You need to enable hidden files & folders to locate this folder. For Windows 7 OS PCs, you can get the folder in the following location;


8) Make a copy of the folder. This folder contains all your back up files. Keep this folder in a safe place.

9) Go back to the Desktop Manager and cancel the process.

How To Restore Back Your 3rd Party Application

1) Connect Blackberry device to computer

2) Launch Blackberry Desktop Manager then click on Application Loader

3) Select Add/Remove Applications

4) Click Browse button and select the *.alx file where you have backup

5) Click next button to restore.

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