Glo With Pride?!

I guess it is no longer news that Nigeria’s home brewed mobile network company, Globacom, has been having serious issues delivering on its obligations. Going on 72 hours now, its mobile internet services has been down, a reflection of the epileptic services it has been offering for the best part of this year.

This is, probably, also a reflection of the state of the Mobile Networks in Nigeria where more money is spent in “hyping” their services than providing the service itself.

Globacom is a 100 percent Nigerian privately owned telecommunications carrier with over 25 million subscribers. Other big players in the Nigerian mobile sector include MTN (South African), Airtel (Indian) and Etisalat (UAE).

Much as I like the Globacom because of the dynamism and affordabilty it has brought to the Nigerian mobile sector, it really needs to put its house in order. For now, I am moving on to another competitor, hoping it would only be for a short while.

“Glo with pride?!”

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4 thoughts on “Glo With Pride?!”

  1. I’m with you. Globacom has the most frequent downtimes out all the gsm networks in Nigeria. And to think that they spend trends of millions of Naira on their ambassadors like basket mouth, p-square, etc.

    in a few days, my BIS expires, and Glo can go to blazes.

  2. Sure; their internet (and data) service has been wobbly for a
    while. But there has been no day i have been unable to access the nternet through GLO.
    The outages in my area are NOT unbearable.
    it happens to all the networks from time to time. We Just have to live with it for now.
    If one must be online all the time, i guess one can not rely on a single connection in NIGERIA.
    A friend running a cybercafe started with Starcomms, moved to
    multilinks, visafone- and now -mobitel! Life continues…

  3. I ain’t gonna lie that their service doesn’t mess up. I’ve spent 1 week without blackberry/internet service here in sokoto due to faults from their end and i was never refunded.

    I stick by them cos when the service is available, it’s amazing and their tariffs are awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

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