Free Linux DVDs

For those that have not received their free Linux DVD offer, i apologise, chances are that i have not sent it at all, it is more difficult than i thought. No, it’s not the funds to mail them, but the inavailability of a Post Office in my neighbourhood, most times i have to get to Lagos Mainland before i can post them. Can be very tasking at times. All outstanding orders will be dispatched on 5/10/2010. Sorry for the delay.

For now, orders will be restricted to hand deliveries and you will have to do the pick up either in Ogba or Ajah. Sorry about that.

There is always a never ending supply of new DVD distros so i will not bother listing them all,  just mention your preference and i will confirm if i have it or not. The joker i have at hand now is Linux Magazine’s Complete Linux Magazine Archive on DVD! The magazine’s monthly publications for the last 10 years, containing tons of tutorials, articles and reviews, all on 1 DVD! Please indicate your interest but note that this item is billed for Hand Delivery ONLY.



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