Fancy Hosting Your Website From Your Mobile Phone? Here’s How…

How would you like to host your websites from your mobile phones or tablets? Preposterous? No, actually, it is quite doable and in very few steps too.

In this example, we will be setting up a WordPress website/blog on an android device.

PS: Your Android device does not have to be rooted to carry out these tasks.

servers ultimateQuick Steps

  • You will need a PC to work from to make the setup process easier.
  • Your android phone and the PC must be connected to the same WiFi – same LAN.  (Note that the WiFi need not be Internet enabled.)
  • However, you will need to find a way to download and install the trial version of Servers Ultimate to your Phone from Google Play Store. There is a Pro version you can buy if you decide you like the app. You will also need to download and install Servers Ultimate Packs A to E from the same link.

Create the Servers

  • Go to and download the WordPress web software to your PC. Extract the archived files to a single folder on your PC. Copy this folder, preferably, to the root of your device SD Card
  • Start the Servers Ultimate app on your device, click on the “+” sign on the top right of your screen
  • Select “MySQL server”
  • Give the server a name and save it. Named mine “wp_mysql” (without the quotes, of course)
  • Again, click on the “+” sign on the top right of your screen
  • Select “PHP and Lighttpd Server”
  • Give the server a name. Named mine WordPress. Do not exit the screen just yet!

Configure the services

  • Select the next tab labelled “Specific”
  • Look under “Servers”, ensure the options “Enable Lighttpd Server” and “Enable PHP Server” are checked.
  • Scroll down and look under “Document Root”. Browse to the WordPress folder on your phone and select it.
  • Under “Server Tag”, you may enable all the options, especially “Enable PHPMyadmin”
  • Now press save. The screen will exit.
  • From the Server Ultimate default screen, click the start icon to start the two servers, “WordPress” and “wp_mysql”
  • Now right-click on the server labelled WordPress. From the context menu, select Information. Note the IP address that has been assigned to it. It will be in the form

Create Database

  • Go to the following URL
  • Log in with the following credentials; Username is “root”. Leave the password blank
  • Click on the “Databases” at the top left of the screen
  • Enter “wordpress_db” in the Create Database field and tap Create

Final Installation

  • Type the following URL in your browser to start the WordPress installation;
  • When prompted fill in wordpress_db in the Database Name field
  • Fill in root in the User Name field
  • Leave the password field blank
  • On the Welcome Page, fill in the details requested for, then click Install WordPress. On completion, you will be taken to the admin page of your website.
  • To view the front end, your type the IP address to your browser.

As it is, you can only view your site from within your LAN. In the next part of this post, we would go through the paces on how to access your new site from anywhere on the Internet.


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