large-248155Okay, so you are thinking of getting a Power Inverter for your home? Let these tips guide you in your decision.

  1. 42″ Plasma TV – 300W. 42″ LCD & LED TVs consume less than 200W. Smaller screen TVs consume even less.
  2. Standing Fans @ 100W each
  3. 15.4″ Laptops @ 75W each
  4. Energy Bulbs @ 15W each (You must change to Energy Bulbs)
  5. Phones (Charging) – 5W (or less)
  6. Tablets (Charging) – 10W (or less)
  7. DSTV Decoders (GoTV, Satellite) – (18W – 30W)
  8. Linksys E1200 Router – 6W
  9. Internet Modem (Cobranet) – 15W
  10. *** Medium sized Refrigerator / Freezer – 1KW (Not Recommended)

Use this formula as a rough guide;

Number of Hours=

12V * Battery Capacity * Number of Batteries
Total Load On Inverter

So for a 1.5 KVA inverter using 2 200AH batteries with 500W load on it;

Number of Hours=

12 * 200 * 2

= 9.6 (Expect it to last for 9.6 hours)

**** I am assuming battery is at maximum capacity

Just my 2 cents worth. Experience gathered from 6 years of using Inverters in Nigeria.

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  1. This is an in-depth and interesting write up. But sir, I have a question: apart from the obvious i.e. names in some cases, how can I tell which inverter is Chinese versus which is Indian?

    I’m presuming the makers have some official representative/distributor in Nigeria?

    1. I intentionally did not want to mention names because no one is paying me to do so. Popular Indian brands include Luminous & Su-Kam. I have used the 2 products and are very okay. Dealing with the companies directly ensures that your warranty is honoured in case your product becomes defective. Other brands include Inova (batteries) – i got 2 years out of them, Cyber Power and Mercury. Not sure if they are Indian but they are good also. By good, i expect you get 2 years of good usage.

      1. You would have inevitably had to drop names, because I have no idea which is which! More importantly, it’s good to know the inverters they have a local presence and aren’t just imports without support.

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