Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Lately, i have been torn between Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome as my default browser. Both are intuitive with the ability to sync your bookmarks and password across multiple PCs and mobile devices. However, for me, what gives Firefox the edge is its tons of plugins or add-ons. Not that i use so many of it – and it is not advisable to do so because it slows down your browser – but the few ones i use seem to have a better user interface on Firefox than on Chrome.

Firefox made its Facebook messenger add on available to the public this week.  It allows you to chat with your Facebook friends right in your browser even if you’re not on the Facebook website.

To activate Facebook Messenger for Firefox, users need to download the latest version of Firefox. Once the latest version is downloaded and installed, visit mozilla.org/facebookmessenger then click the “Turn On” button for Facebook Messenger for Firefox.

A new pane would be displayed on the right side of your Firefox browser where the messenger will deliver new comments and photo tags as well as friend requests and notifications for messages directly to the Firefox toolbar. It is not obstructive and allows you to continue with whatever task you have going on your browser. For times when you don’t want to talk to your Facebook friends, you can hide the sidebar or disable the feature altogether. Mozilla notes that it plans to add more features and access to multiple providers in the future.

This, i believe, is a must have for the Facebook addicts. Why not give it a spin and see what it is like.



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