aw logo wDiary of a Geek started out in 2010 as a meeting point for technology enthusiasts with especial focus on Nigeria. Technology is very much the first love of our readers and has been the focus of the blog.

But over time, there have been an increasing demand for a more inclusive and wider range of topics to be covered on the blog.

In the past, we had flirted occassionally with bits of socio-political news and this received mostly favourable responses from viewers. Also, my interactions on Twitter with my handle @diaryofageek has been anything but strictly technology.

All these informed the decision for a subtle and proactive rebranding of the blog, for it to evolve to meet the yearnings and interests of its readers – evolving to remain relevant. The entire rebranding exercise would also allow the blog to reach broader horizons, reaching out to new audiences of varied interests.

As a first step of this rebranding process, the primary domain name of the blog has been moved from to to reflect a more professional appearance and, of course, a more memorable name. Naturally, all the old links on the domain still works, linking directly to the new domain name. (Why would we call ourselves geeks if we can not undertake such a simple task?! 🙂 )

Secondly, the blog would now feature social media news, news and developments in mobile, entertainment, online video, business, web development, technology , music (on the old school tip!) and gadgets. Also expect loads of geek stuff written in SIMPLE English (no geek speak!), read about tips, tricks, downloads and the technology that will help you work and live smarter and more efficiently in this digital age.

Look out for blog posts as “Diary of a Geek” rebrands to a lifestyle blog, from the viewpoint of an introvert geek.

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