A few weeks back, i wrote about Xbox Music, a Windows 8 app that gives you access to an estimated 30 million+ of songs to stream for free on your PC (Online or Offline mode), on the web and on your android & iOS tablets or phones .

This music service, however, has at least 2 major flaws;


  • The mobile apps does not have an offline mode. You can only stream music online – Data services required!
  • At US$9.99 monthly subscription fee, it is not competitive.

For those of us living in Africa – except, perhaps, South Africa – we have very limited music service options. Popular services like Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Google Play Music and Amazon are just not available.

It was only by chance that i stumbled on this less known music service called Deezer. It boasts of a presence in a whooping 182 countries, including Nigeria. The first thing that struck me was the similarity in its song database and that of Xbox Music.

The following are what i will consider as the strengths of this service;

  • Seemingly similar song database to Microsoft’s Xbox.
  • A more affordable US$4.99 (NGN850) subscription fee per month, giving you access to 30 million+ music tracks including Nigerian hit tracks .
  • Offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms.
  • Offline music playback both on the desktop PC and on your mobile devices.

Fortunately, Deezer offers a 15 day trial. You have nothing to lose, why not give it a try?


12 Responses

  1. I always preferred Nokia Music to Xbox Music. Tried it and couldn’t get past the trial, the biggest difference apart from the monthly cost ($5 per month as opposed to $10) being that you can create playlists and listen offline with Nokia Music. The downside is that it isn’t as widely available.

    1. No, Nokia Music is not available in Nigeria. Infact, only few are. And of these, i think only Xbox Music and Deezer have a respectable song database. Music services like Spinlet are too Nigeria-centric. The most important feature of these music services is being able to listen to songs offline on my mobile device and not continually streaming. Don’t have the luxury of unlimited data. Reason why Deezer is tops – for now.

  2. I’ve been using Deezer since December and I have to say the app is good.

    It may not have the extent of music others have, but being able to listen to albums, single tracks and compile playlists has been pretty straightforward.

    I’ve installed it across devices with no problems. Definitely a subscription worth paying for!

      1. Most popular versus largest database? ITunes encompasses all kinds of media, compared to the others.

        Deezer has about 20 million tracks and is accessible on pretty much all of the mobile platforms and is global. Xbox Music has 30 million tracks but isn’t available on all mobile platforms.

      2. Google Play All Access, by actual comparison of what I want. Deezer has more tracks but lots of it is music specific to other countries. There is , for example, lots of Charles Aznavour.

        1. My internet connection has nothing to do with the Deezer Android interface that you have to use to make a playlist. The problem is not that you can’t make one. It’s that you cannot add an entire album at once. You have to go to to do that. Google Play and Spotify do it easily.

          It’s a moot point for me since the other issues I had with Deezer resulted in my dumping it. In particular, the search results from any particular input string differed significantly depending on whether you used the PC, Android app, or Sonos. The variation for a single search could be over a hundred results on one and 10 on the other.

          1. As a rule I don’t compile albums as part of a playlist unless it’s music I own. And as I don’t use either Google Play or the web to compile playlists, I can’t relate.

            I’ve used Deezer on both iOS and Windows Phone and haven’t had any problems with search results. I actually stopped using Spotify because of its erratic behaviour but I guess it’s down to personal preference.

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