Confessions Of A Compulsive Digital Hoarder

HoarderI have accumulated over 2TB of movies over the years, scattered across 3 external drives. This is not taking into consideration the 2TB drive i lost a few years back to a hard disk crash, also containing movies. As of the last count, i had barely watched a fraction of these movies.

Added to these are a few other drives containing music files (most of which i have never and probably will never listen to), softwares, thousands of digital books that i will never read,  archived emails, documents, and a dump of other digital files.

Many will consider my stash a digital heaven. Think it, chances are that i have it.

However, beneath all this, there is an underlying problem – Hoarding. Digital Hoarding to be precise. I am not the type to delete files. There is always the nagging fear that i just might need them in the future, a psychological condition not much different from those that hoard physical items.

Wikipaedia defines Compulsive Hoarding as “a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects … cause(ing) significant distress or impairment.

Yes, I am a Digital Hoarder. But before you start putting your nose in the air, chances are that you are probably neck deep in it as much as i am. Unfortunately, this is an increasingly common phenomenon and in one way or the other, we are all guilty!

Searching through the digital pile is a time consuming task. Files improperly labelled, duplicate copies of files, not always sure which file is the latest version that i need … trust me, it really can be a jungle at times.

How do i get out of this nightmare?