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One aspect of computer technology that i have been most fascinated about is Networking. At one time or the other most of us would have come across application of basic or obvious forms of networking, say, connection of multiple computers to a single printer or sharing of a single internet access among different computers.

NetworkingIn basic terms, we could say Networking is the joining of two or more devices to share (limited) resources. Note the use of DEVICES in this definition and not COMPUTERS. A device represents ANY electronic appliance with networking capabilities. These devices include your computers (Linux, Mac, Windows), mobile phones, tablets, surveillance equipment, etc.

Connection of these devices to a network can either be via wired or wireless medium or a mix of the two.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we would delve into the world of networking, learning some basic principles, but most especially, applying such principles to our homes and home/small offices. As usual, our write-ups would be devoid of unnecessary technicalities. It would be presented in an easily understandable, do-it-yourself format.

If you are keen on networking your homes or offices, the following hardware/equipment are important;

Router – This is the most important and the only item you may need. In basic terms, it is referred to as a Router but in reality, they are usually a combination of what is called a switch and a router. They are mostly affordable. The brand that comes highly recommended is the Belkin Wireless N+ 802.11n Router. At only $59.99 (About N7,000.00), you would be killing two birds with a single stone. You get to have a router capable of wired and wireless networking. And as a bonus, you get to have a port on the router that has the capability of sharing your portable drive on the network.

Internet Modem – Some of our discussions would require you to have an internet access to fully participate. I would recommend using the internet modem provided by IPNX. It is relatively fast and best suited for a networking environment.

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