Cobranet Reviews Its Data Plans, More GB For Your Money!

With N6,500 monthly, I now get 9Gb data allocation from Cobranet for my “Home Bronze” subscription, up from 7Gb. Even better deals are available on other monthly and time based plans. Details available on their Facebook page or website.

Extra value added to this offer include;

  • The option to rollover to the next month unused data
  • For the download junkies, free browsing every day from 10pm to 8am.

Other benefits include;

  • Modem/WiFi router combo. No need to buy a separate router to share Internet access in your home/office.
  • Online renewal of your subscription using your ATM card, even when your subscription has run out.

Wish the mobile networks and other ISPs will be less rigid with their pricing and take a cue from this. Would be great, though, if Cobranet could come up with some sort of MiFi so i could ditch the mobile networks finally!

Nice move, Cobranet.



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